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Artist Statement:

Social, political, and cultural themes are what inspire the majority of my artwork.  In my work, I attempt to reconstruct cultures and perceptions and how they relate to one another. An example of my work would be the merging of diverse cultural aspects of Mexico and the US to create a new representation of Southwest American Culture. Oftentimes these themes are combined into paintings that feature either juxtaposed or embellished iconic bicultural imagery.

I would describe my work as predominately figurative with elements of abstract expressionism. While the content of my work is open to interpretation, a wide variety of materials and techniques are implemented in my creative process. The textural quality of my work is diversified by the utilization of varied materials such as mosaic tile, wood, and metal, allowing me to produce art than functions on multiple levels.

Each project often consists of a series of works, in a range of media, connected by specific themes and meanings. The union of these elements allows the work to take on a life its own. Frequently during the research and production of my art, new areas of interest and inspiration arise, which then lead me into the next body of work.

“Presently I’m attempting to push the boundaries of my art with my mural projects; nothing accelerates the development of your artistic technique and conceptual capabilities like a large mural project. The multitude of surfaces involved in large community mural project can present a challenge, but the combination of the textures and paint makes for a fun and unpredictable creative process. The completed work is always worth all of the hard work, and most rewarding of all is the positive feedback from the public. The knowledge that you’ve created something that will be a part of the community that will hopefully be around for a long time is very gratifying.”

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