Paletas Series

Ordinanced OutFrom

By Madalyn Mendoza

San Antonio artist has made more than 50 paleta sculptures Alamo City residents are taking a bite of

Paletas have become art in the studio of a local artist who has sculpted metal into more than 50 renditions of a San Antonio summertime classic.  David Blancas, a visual artist and muralist, has incorporated the sculptures into his resume, culminating a catalog of metal and resin pieces varying in size from handheld works to ones that reach 10 feet tall, he told on Monday.  “It’s a nostalgia thing,” Blancas said. “Summertime memories of chasing down the paleta man.”

The artist said his paleta pieces have gone to local businesses like Alamo Beer Company and private collections around San Antonio as well as California where a towering, 10-foot-tall red paleta is an eye-catcher on the yard of a home in Pleasanton.

He said people, especially kids, love seeing the over-sized paletas and are eager to get a photo beside one.  One of the local families eating up Blancas’ quirky art is that of Marissa Star, a fellow San Antonio sculpture artist. Starr won the $600 bid in a silent auction at the 2nd annual Party for the Arts hosted by the University of Texas at San Antonio on June 15. She took home a few pieces that night, including a melting paleta sculpture of her own.

She said her daughters — ages 9, 5, 2 — are enjoying the family’s new piece where it’s situated in their living room and she’s sure baby No. 3 will too once she is born.  Starr said her home follows a mostly grey, neutral tone, but the 3-foot-tall paleta serves a punch of vibrancy which makes it difficult to ignore.  “I like to put art in unexpected places, I like to catch people off guard,” she said.