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“La Musica de San Anto”, Mural Project

  • "La Musica de San Anto"
  • "The Westside Horns"
  • "Los Saxaphones"
  • "Magic Fingers"

“La Musica De San Anto”  –  Mural Project

Whether it’s the sound of a shimmering saxophone bellowing a soulful melody, the resonating sting of an electric guitar solo, or the powerful  beat of the drums as they lay down a hypnotic groove, these are some of the sounds which I hope will come to mind when driving by the mural on a sultry south Texas night. “La Musica De San Anto” is a commemorative mural project which pays homage to the lives and music of Randy Garibay, Clifford Scott, Rocky Morales, Felix Villareal, Manny Castillo, Eva Garza, Doug Sahm, Valerio Longoria, Lydia Mendoza, and Rosita Fernandez. All of these individuals, while no longer with us, have had a profound influence on the musical heritage of this city and have over the years woven their influence into the fabric of  San Antonio’s musical identity.

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